UAB Bitų laboratorija

Our services

Yes, we develop electronics for YOUR product!

UAB Bitų laboratorija provides custom electronics development. We can cooperate in different parts of the product development stages, starting with schematic design, ending with the testing of the final prototype or even organizing production in Lithuania.

Our services include:

  • Keywords: M2M, IoT, Linux, Networking, C, VB.NET, SQL, ARM, AVR, MBus, EasyBus, RS485, RS232, 1-Wire, Power, Cyber security of Things
  • Design of embedded systems (digital, communication, as well as analog systems)
  • PCB design
  • PCB manufacturing and prototyping
  • Embedded system programming.

In our designs we focus on the client functionality requirements, environmental and energy efficiency issues.
UAB Bitų laboratorija

Laisves str 53E-106
Vilnius, LT- 07190, Lithuania
Phone: +370 650 71212

Company ID: 302644363
VAT ID: LT100006369910 (you can validate here)

Benjaminas Šulcas

Phone number: +370 650 71212


About: Benjaminas has been working in the Information system development, telemetry and M2M sector since 2003. In dealing with different types of projects, he has acquired important knowledge of saving energy by using telemetry and M2M solutions.
His background is electronic engineering. He also has extensive experience in IT and telecommunications as he has been working in this industry for more that 18 years.




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